Glen, Todd & Fraser joined me today hoping for a few dinosaurs. Glen had been here a couple of times last fall and knew just what to expect! They all wanted bigger and more! We wasted no time and headed on the water at 7:30 in anticipation of our first bite.

Air temps were comfortable for the run and expected to climb into the low 70’s by afternoon. Definitely not your typical October day, but we’ll take it! After the anchor was set, I prepped all the rods and the wait began. A couple of missed hits later, I was setting into the first fish. I had to get the skunk out of the boat so I grabbed the rod when the fish bit. Frazer had the first one and he brought a juvenile sturgeon to the boat, but needed a pic regardless. I reset the lines and hoped for a bigger bite next!

Our first several fish were all small but eventually, Fraser reared back on a heavy one and I told him it was big. He was about to feel what the adults were like! His fish even took to the air and now he knew exactly what he was dealing with. The battle lasted more than ten minutes before I was able to net his catch. Although not really a giant, it was definitely a good one and his largest ever! We shot several pics and released it quickly afterwards. Back to business~

Glen was up next and when his time came, he set into another heavy weight. Although not his personal best, it was still a really good fish. Several runs and a jump later, I was able to get it in the net for a few photos as well. Back she went and we did too. I reset all the lines once again hoping to get Todd another of the large ones but all he could manage were small & medium when his turn arrived. Glen on the other hand set into a good fish when his turn came up and battled another large one for almost ten minutes. Todd just couldn’t catch a break! Glen on the other hand was taking advantage of the rotation and loving the fact that his was not a baby. As luck would have it, this one turned out to be big fish of the day! She was released after a few more shots and we regrouped and readied for the next bite.

Todd was finally up again and when he set into the next fish, it acted a little strange. It wasn’t fighting like a sturgeon and when he brought it to the boat we realized why. He had hooked into a big channel cat and it was ugly! I netted it regardless and snapped off a few pics while he held it with the boga. He didn’t want to touch it! We let the beauty go and got right back to business.

The remainder of the afternoon only saw small & medium fish coming aboard and by 4:00 we pulled the plug on this day. We will be right back at it again tomorrow and hopefully a few of those monsters will find their way to our lines. Although plenty of fish were landed today, I always want more and bigger. Who knows, maybe tomorrow will see the personal best for the boat. It’s a tough number to beat, but I think it’s doable. I know they’d love to try!