This morning Mike & I split a group up into two boats for the day. He took the two guys and I had the two women and Lucas, a four year old boy. His mother, Kailah was also with her sister Rosie making for an interesting fishing day. We headed out just before 8:00, after a torrential down pour and right to an area to troll. Both the girls had hoped to beat the guys and I planned on making it happen! With lines set, we waited in anticipation for the first reel to fire. As usual, it didn’t take long and Rosie was into a pretty decent northern to start the day. The second fish wasn’t far behind with her sister Kailah reeling in another slightly smaller pike as well. They were already thrilled to have caught something as their last trip in Idaho saw them skunked. I can never understand how that happens! We spent several hours trolling through various setions in this zone and they managed to land high numbers of pike. As I really wanted them to catch a few walleye, I continued searching and eventually stumbled on an area that held the gold. Kailah landed the first keeper and I released it into the livewell for Lucas to view. It’s always a good idea to have a fish or two in the tank for kids to enjoy! It kept him occupied throughout the morning, looking at it many, many times. Although the fish was a nice one, I still wanted to see bigger and looped around hoping for another. The next time the reel went off, it fired hard and I knew it was a better fish. This one was the size I had hoped for and Kailah reeled in another eye that had to be returned after her pics. Several more pike later, Rosie finally got to catch one of her own and while in the net, a sescond reel screamed and she battled another one right after. This constant action went on for a long time but a bathroom break was needed so we headed back to the ramp. I figured that we would fish closer to the launch after and change it up to a deeper drop shot due to the flat calm water. High sunshine and intense heat had us under the roof all morning but it finally had to come down.

Once back, we ventured out to deeper water and I showed them how to properly fish. It was definitely difficult at first as they both missed several fish before Rosie finally boated a nice bass. Kailah wasn’t as fortunate as all her fish kept coming off the line. She even had one pinned that jumped beside the boat and threw the hook, making it more frustrating. They both definitely had their chances but despite all their efforts, only a handful of fish were landed.

The guys had called informing us that they were on their way back and wanting to end the day early. By 1:00 we were done and not a moment too soon. Thunder was heard in the distance and I knew the storm was coming. I was able to get the boat out of the water and on to the trailer before the rain even hit. Short days like these are always nice and especially when there is constant action throughout. I don’t know who won the battle but I’m pretty sure it was the girls. We may never know as the guys count was rather sketchy at best! Oh well, as long as everybody had a good time and no one got hurt! Another great day on the water filled with plenty of memories of all their fish landed. Who could ask for anything more!