I had Louis back again today and this time he brought along a couple more friends. Martin & Richard were about to experience drop shotting at it’s finest! Louis had done quite a bit of it the last time he was with me and needed no instructions. As I positioned the boat for them to begin, I saw that there was not much current where we were. I had to make several adjustments in order for them to be able to present their baits correctly. It was game on after that as everyone began hooking up. Singles, doubles and even quite a few triples were had as fish after fish came in the boat. They wanted to bring some walleye home to eat, so we dropped a few of the keepers in the livewell for them. Along with the eyes there were also several good smallies landed as well that were released afterwards. We had made numerous drifts through the area and then while positioning the boat with the kicker, it happened again. The linkage popped out of the shift cable and It was stuck in neutral once again. I had the piece replaced only a couple of days earlier and it was back out once again! I spent the next 10 minutes working on it and finally managed to pop it back in making the small engine usable once more.

We repositioned to another area to drop shot but the light winds had died off completely making drifts even more difficult. Although they managed to catch a bunch more fish in the next little while, I thought we’d mix it up a bit and do something different. As it was nearing lunch time, I headed over to an area to troll making it more relaxing for them. It was also becoming a real scorcher with the sun so I raised the roof to provide plenty of shade! With lines in I began trolling and almost immediately the first reel fired. Richard fought a nice northern to the net giving him a third species for the day. While they continued to eat, more fish ripped the drags and were brought to net. Although most of them were pike, there was one nice 23 inch walleye landed giving them a great pic of the catch. I could see that the troll was a bit of a struggle with no wind & high sun so around 1:30 or so, decided to drop the roof and go for some smallies nearby. They were all for it and we packed up and made the run to cast soft plastics for the bass. For about 90 minutes, they were into some good brownies and loving the casting bite. I had also set a dead line and managed to hook into a sturgeon that Louis battled to the boat giving him a nice slam for the day.

With only about an hour remaining in their fishing day, we decided to return to deeper water and try drop shotting once again. They had hoped to bring a few more walleye home with them and as luck would have it, put two more in the boat. They had caught several others, but they weren’t in the slot and had to be returned. Some really nice bass were also battled before we pulled the plug on the day.

This trip more than met everyone’s expectations as the numbers were off the chart today. I have no clue just how many fish they landed but I know it was a lot. In just the first three hours they had managed to battle doubles and triples hand over fist! Along with the landed fish there had to be at least as many missed as well making this one of the best days so far this season. I think the rising water temps have finally got these fish active and with almost 75 degrees showing, it can only get better! The sturgeon bite will be happening soon for the dinosaurs and Louis already has a date reserved for later in the month. He’ll be back for some more great fishing and who knows who will be joining him this time. All I know is that he’ll be wanting more after the next trip too! Another great day for fishing!