This morning I had the pleasure of taking Peter Svoboda on the water for a day of fishing. He brought along Jakub Voracek from the Flyers & his father Miloslav. The three of them were about to experience something special! We dropped the boat in with the winds out of the SW gusting well over 20 knots. Waves weren’t very nice and it seemed like I was the only boat on the lake. I realized quickly that I was going to have to make a long run in order to be able to fish. Although a little bumpy in average 3 footers, we finally made it to our destination. I set the lines to troll and almost immediately after the fourth one was in, one of them fired. Then another! Then another again! We had not been fishing for one minute and already had a triple header. Peter had a nice northern but unfortunately lost it beside the boat while I was trying to get things organized. No problem as the fourth rod fired giving him another chance. We went from a triple to a quad in no time and that’s how you start the day! There were 3 pike and one walleye in the mix and I realized that the pre frontal system coming had the fish active. I returned all the lines after taking care of business and we continued the troll once again. Several more pike & walleye made it into the net before the rains began. It wasn’t only raining but the winds were blowing so hard that even with the roof up, we were getting a little wet. It didn’t seem to matter though as they were catching fish hand over fist. Pike after pike and several walleye later, Miloslav was battling a nice smallie as I slid out of the area we were concentrating on. I was re rigging a three rod tangle and somehow made my way far from where I was catching all the fish. It didn’t matter, as they were biting all over!

Later in the morning and after many more fish, the rain finally stopped giving me a chance to try something else. I dropped the cover and secured it to change locations and fish species. We were now going to go for smallies and Jakub’s father Miloslav was looking forward to it. Apparently he had a thing about bass and loved the brownies.

Soft plastics were being thrown and I think Miloslav missed one on his very first cast. A few casts later he missed another and I re instructed him on what to do for the next fish. It didn’t take long and the third one was locked! He was officially into a nice bass and loving every minute of it. The other two were having a tough time but eventually rebounded with some hook ups of their own. Miloslav on the other hand just kept beating on the fish and seemingly putting on a clinic! He landed several more good ones and the others just watched amazed.

The winds had calmed down slightly and I was planning on relocating to an area to drop shot when Peter informed me that they wanted to call the day at noon. I was surprised and a little disappointed that I hadn’t moved earlier. We finished up in this place and headed back to the ramp in lesser seas than we had come out in. It would have been a perfect drift if we had of decided to drop shot, but we were done. They had experienced some difficult conditions thanks to “Mother Nature” but we plowed right through it and won in the end. We are suppose to meet again tomorrow for a second day but somehow I think the winds may take us out. We’ll have to wait & see and with any luck, we’ll get back out and beat on many more fish. Short but sweet day on the water today!