Neville & I were right back at it once again today, hoping for a repeat of yesterday. There was definitely more traffic on the lake this morning and more wind as well. An early troll was cut short as the water color wasn’t cutting it for me. Although we did manage to get several fish, I wasn’t happy with the results and decided to move on. I did a bit of running around looking for areas that we could fish, but the wind just made things difficult. We caught everywhere we stopped but I wanted to get him into some more smallies and didn’t stop until I found them. I even hit a bunch of areas that I usually do well in at this time of year only to find that the depth required serious adjustment. Baits I usually caught fish on just weren’t working! The winds weren’t helping either so I tried something and immediately found results. We were drop shotting and drifting with the wind over deeper flats and getting bit. We may not have gotten into a ton of fish this way but both bass and quality walleye were falling victim to the slower presentations. Neville was catching fish on a method he had wanted to learn! We made several different drifts over the area and rods were bent each time. I thought we’d hit another spot close by and it didn’t take long before he was into another quality bass. One more technique to tick of his list! Afterwards I thought we’d try a little casting for smallies with soft plastics and on our first casts, we had a double. I had only wanted to search the area but somehow managed to get the hooks into a nice smallie in the process. After catching several more we both agreed, taking one on the fly was up next! I rigged one of the 6 weight rods and he began the quest. It really didn’t take long before he locked up and a beauty it was. He had hooked into the best smallie in two days and on a fly too! After several minutes of battle Neville finally netted his prize, but not before a comedy show of tangling the net in the rod holders! Obviously it was meant to be because the fish stayed pinned long enough for him to complete the job. Several pics were taken of his fish before it was finally released to fight another day! We had every intention of remaining in the area as it seemed to be holding some really good fish. Unfortunately the radar showed that we were about to get crushed and the system looked electrical. A unanimous decision to move had us running to the other side of the lake to avoid the storm. It apparently was the right decision as we stayed relatively dry and watched walls of water blanket the area where we were before. With bigger winds upon us, I wasn’t left with many options. I trolled for a little while until it passed and caught several more fish in the process. Once it looked safe, I ran to an area further away and closer to the ramp to fish. We dropshotted for the remaining time and managed to catch several more bass & walleye before calling it a day. Neville had completed a long list of items in a very short period of time. Of all the things he did, I think the one that he will remember the most is the bass on the fly! Hats off to the Englishman in Canada for making these two days a pleasure. I’m not sure who had more fun!!