Getting on the lake lately has been challenge, to say the least! One day the ramp is open, the next it’s closed. Add the “Gale Force Winds” most days along with high, cold, dirty water and getting bit isn’t easy either. Today I had the pleasure of fishing with two guys from Tennessee on a layover from Montreal to Italy. No better way of spending it than going fishing! Unfortunately we had a cold front move in overnight, dropping the temperatures about 35 degrees. Two days in a row with 85 degrees or more along with gigantic SW winds blowing over 40 knots. Today, 50 degrees and a big NW wind gusting about 25 knots for the run. Oh yeah and a long one at that with the boat ramp closed once again! Three days earlier, I had launched without a problem, but the water rose and they closed it for the second time.
The run up the lake in a cross wind was a little bumpy, but we eventually arrived at our starting spot. Neither Brad nor Brandon had ever caught a pike and I didn’t think it would be a problem. With water temps under 53 degrees, it would still be a challenge! I set the lines and trolled for a while before a reel screamed and Brandon landed his first ever northern. Brad didn’t wait long before he too was into one. I had stumbled into a few fish and was going to troll up as many as I could. Not one double was to be had today though as every time we hooked up, the fish seemed to be alone. We slowly picked at them and gradually managed to bring up the numbers. The size on the other hand was lacking until I headed to slightly deeper water. It was here that they began getting into more fish and even managed to land several walleye. Brad brought to boat his personal best at just a hair under 7 pounds on the scales. Brandon also landed his personal best, but it wasn’t too difficult as neither of them had caught one before either.
By the time we were ready to leave, they had managed to catch a great number of fish and both were quite happy with the outcome. So much so that there’s a good chance I may see them again when they return at the end of he month. Today may have been difficult at the start but by the time it was all over, it had turned full circle. Numbers of good fish were landed and some real nice walleye as a bonus too. Hopefully the next time I get out, I’ll be able to use the regular ramp and fish closer areas I know are holding fish. Who knows, maybe Mother Nature will cooperate too. Doubtful but we can all dream!