Several years back, the use of live minnows was disallowed for summertime fishing here in Quebec. Now the Quebec Ministry has decided to pull the plug on using live minnows during the winter months as well. This new rule is said to be coming into effect April 2017 for the 2018 ice fishing season. Ice fishing is a way of life here in the province of Quebec and a family sport enjoyed by most fishermen as well. Many outfitters work hard to set up mini villages of cabins on the ice, providing hours of pleasure, the whole family can enjoy. Tip ups are the most commonly used rods and live minnows, the best bait of choice. These dead lines require little attention as the lively minnows do their work under the ice. Dead minnows, not so much! Lethargic fish need some movement to trigger them into biting and without live minnows, it’s minimal to none! The proof is in the pics! These fish were all caught on dead lines with live minnows!

Here’s a website that’s started a petition, in hopes of reinstating the legal use of live minnows for the ice fishing season in Quebec. Please log into to voice your opinion and hopefully stop the new law before the 2018 ice fishing season begins. You can also view the website below for a complete list of all the rules and regulations for the province of Quebec.