Craig was back again for a couple of days and accompanied by Herm this time. They had been here a few weeks back in October and had unbelievable wind & rain for 2 straight days. Hopefully this time the weather would be a little nicer! We headed to the water in dense fog and I prayed it would lift soon. Although GPS can get you to where you need to be, limited visibility and danger is present! Luckily it cleared and we had beautiful sunshine throughout the day. This was definitely different from what they usually experience! It didn’t take long once we stopped for the first fish to get hooked. Herm was into a really nice one and I knew there would be more. Craig followed up quickly with an even bigger one and things were looking great for the day. I kept the boat in the area and they just hammered fish of all sizes in the first couple of hours. Craig even managed to get into a real beauty that we thought would be the big fish of the day. This would soon change with what was coming up next! With this nice weather I knew we would have company today and carefully picked places to fish. I slowly fished down to an area nearby in hopes of getting into more fish, but a boat ran into the spot first. Oh well, let the games begin! I stayed my distance and worked the water above, gradually fishing along our way. Long before we got close, Herm locked up on a monster and the other boat saw the fish, when it jumped. As I was now off the electric motor, we were gradually drifting towards the boat. Without hesitation, he drifted out of the area allowing us room to land this beast. This courteous gesture is quite rare these days, amongst the other boats and Christian showed me his true tournament colors. He gave way without hesitation and didn’t even think twice. I thanked him afterwards and we went our separate ways. Karma has a way of coming back and this will not go unreturned! Herm on the other hand had just landed his personal best and it was giant! Multiple shots were taken along with measurements for a future fibreglass mount. He would be adding yet another wall hanger to his trophy room back home and we needed to get it right! Back she went as quickly as possible to give someone else the same pleasure, another day. We resumed our fishing in hopes of more of these giant smallies, but never came close. Although there were plenty of other big fish caught, we would have to settle for just the two today. I don’t think any of us were use to fishing in conditions like these but we didn’t mind. Usually we are faced with hell and have to work hard for every fish we catch. I guess it had to happen sooner or later! With the weather & fishing like it was, the day passed fast and before we knew it, we were heading home. Plenty of pictures as well as great memories were made on this spectacular fall outing. We’re all looking forward to getting back out tomorrow as the forecast calls for even nicer weather. Let’s see if they can get it right, two days in a row. My money’s riding on a big fat no, but I’m crossing my fingers regardless!!