Craig was back again today and this time he brought Steve. He was here only three weeks before and was tight to a giant on his first cast. Would today prove to be as good? Miserable conditions on the previous trip saw two straight days of rain and wind. Today we would only be faced with the wind but it would be blowing 25 knots with gusts up to 40 from the NW. We wasted about an hour trying for another big fish where he had caught his weeks earlier. Unfortunately the winds made it too difficult to fish and we ended up coming back sooner than we expected. The waves were going to make fishing difficult no matter where we fished today so we just settled in and got it done. Plenty of missed strikes caused them to refrain from setting immediately and the slower approach began to put fish in the boat. Although most of them were two pounders, there were several much larger. If I was on an area that was just producing small fish, I didn’t stay long. Craig managed to get the largest one of the day and although not as big as his first trip, definitely welcomed! These two guys fished hard and I covered all kinds of water to get them on the fish. We weren’t lucky enough to be fishing sheltered areas today so we all took a pounding in the exposed waters. Throughout the day, they stuck to it and although there were some dead periods, they still managed to catch plenty of fish. I would have liked to see more of the bigger ones but I always want that! Sometime around 3:30 we called it and headed back. They still have tomorrow with me and hopefully the winds will allow them the luxury of feeling the bites a little better in the open areas we fish. Who knows, maybe the weather guys will be wrong and the 25 knot winds forecasted from the SW won’t happen. Doubtful but one can always dream!!