Craig & Herm were back with me again for their first trip this fall. They would have 2 of the wettest days in store for them, but would the fishing be good? First cast from Craig this morning said yes as he landed a giant trophy smallie. There were 2 footers from the east, with horizontal rain, but he didn’t care! A few casts later he had another heavy fish on, but it soon came unpinned in the rollers and left him a little disappointed. He went right back in however and was rewarded with another monster only a couple of casts later. This was definitely doable and who cares that we were in a monsoon! The boat positioning was next to impossible but I somehow managed and many more fish were landed or lost in the time we spent here. It’s always difficult drifting in conditions like these, not to mention feeling the bites! Eventually it became impossible as the wind & rain intensified and I was forced to move elsewhere. Both Craig & Herm had chances at good fish and probably landed about 75% of their bites. Throughout the entire day, we fought through some of the most miserable conditions and caught plenty more fish. Herm even managed to land another trophy in the afternoon, rewarding him for his efforts on this horrific fishing day. We actually stuck it out until almost 4:00 when we called it quits. We all had enough and just wanted to get dry and warm! Tomorrow will be another one filled with misery once again and there’s plenty more hate to come!

The second morning saw us back out in similar conditions. The rain was much stronger while we drove to the water and we hoped it would let up for the launch. We decided to go right back to where we had started the day before, and unfortunately it was next to impossible to fish. Herm managed to get a northern on his first cast but it wasn’t what we were after! The water had muddied up so much that it was too difficult and after another small bass, we just left. I made a long run to somewhere else and found the fish to be more finicky than the day before. I was marking them but the bites were terrible when they actually bit. I think most of them just looked and didn’t eat! I tried shallow, mid and even deep but had a hard time putting anything significant together. Although they caught fish pretty much everywhere we went, there was no real consistency. The winds were out of the NW today and once again the rain was falling almost horizontally. In fact, I think the conditions were even worse! Although the fish were around, they were reluctant to bite much under this severe cold front. What had began as 48 degrees eventually dropped throughout the day and settled on a balmy 37 degrees. No wonder we were all cold! Although we did manage some good fish today, there weren’t many pics as nobody wanted to hold them up for the camera. I ended up with only ones hot,  just to prove that we were out on another horrible day. Yuup, we’re all crazy! We stuck it out as long as we could stand it, but when the winds intensified late in the afternoon, we unanimously called the day. The waves had built up larger than earlier making fishing even more difficult. Time to go! I think the highlight of the day was when we stopped at a Tim Horton’s for coffee. That and the heater in the truck of course! I just hope the next time they’re back in couple of weeks, that we don’t have a repeat of this misery again. We could all use a couple of days of flat, sunny conditions. Better times ahead, I hope!!