A recent cancellation saw Darren & I fishing for a half day. We hit the lake for walleye & bass around 9:00 and were off by 2:30. Although it wasn’t fast & furious, we did catch plenty of big overs as well as good numbers of keepers. Flat calm conditions had me reconsidering the sturgeon fishing. Too bad I had left all the necessary items back home! I had decided earlier that the focus was going to be on walleye. There would be plenty more days ahead for sturgeon!  Darren was quick to hook up with a big eye on his first cast. Within 5 minutes, he had landed two walleye and a good smallie. Unfortunately it slowed right after and he struggled to hook another bass for about 15 minutes. Several misses were had from both of us as the fish were striking light. I made a few changes and we corrected that problem, catching plenty more throughout our stay. I’m sure that given more time, we would have really hammered them well. So much for cancellations! One person’s loss is another’s gain as Darren & I left the lake completely satisfied with the results of today. Cool morning temps and warm afternoons now make for comfortable outings.  Fall is such a great time to be on the water and it’s just around the corner. Days like these remind me that most boats are already in the process of pulling out and less & less traffic is coming. Even better fishing days ahead! Plenty of openings are available so book a trip now if you want to experience some of the best fishing ever!!