Beau & Chasse spent the afternoon with me, fishing for those brown bass. They were from North Carolina and usually had largemouth to target, but today we were after the smallies. Our winds were once again out of the NE but not as big as usual. I headed to an area that I thought might be holding fish  and covered plenty of water, with only a handful of bites to show for our time. Chase had picked up a couple on soft plastics, but Beau only had blow ups on top water. It wasn’t until I handed him a jig that he started getting into the fish. Although a few more were caught, it still wasn’t great. I made  couple more moves and finally landed on what I wanted. Both of these guys were throwing soft plastics and many more fish were being caught now that we found them. Until now, Beau’s largest smallie was only 1.5 pounds, but he managed a couple today that were pushing four. There were plenty of 2 & 2.5 pound fish that fought like fours, but that’s smallies! We remained on this area for the balance of the time and they boated several more before we called it a day. Half days go by so fast! Given more time, I would have ran them to other areas for a mix of walleye & bass but time was up. I know Chase had caught his first smallie today as he didn’t fish much back home. Beau on the other hand started fishing tournaments a few years back as a non boater and had plenty of big fish under his belt. Now he had another personal best smallie too. With any luck they will be back again next year and we can try and get a few more species as well. Definitely a great afternoon fishing for the brownies!!