I guess when you’re on the water every day, there’s bound to be a few you wish you weren’t! Today was pretty much one of them as I had to look for an alternate ramp to launch the boat. There were 3 to 4 footers rolling into the one I usually use with the winds blowing 20 to 30 knots from the SE. It looked like an ocean and I would have loaded the boat with water had I tried to launch. My clients followed me in their car to another one, hopefully more protected, a little further away. Although the lake was still rough, it was nothing compared to what I saw where we originally were and this time it was completely doable! I was actually glad it was only a half day outing as we were also suppose to receive plenty of rain sometime around mid day. Kim & his daughter Josie as well as George & his son Terry were with me and I prayed we could make it work. The run to the first place was a little bumpy as it was blowing opposite the current at a 45 degree angle. I was hoping to escape some of the larger waves while fishing and crossed over to the side less pounded. We started with a couple of blades and a couple of soft plastic baits but soon after, switched the soft baits to blades as well. Just standing was difficult let alone trying to cast in this wind but Kim managed to get a nice bass to commit. The problem for the others was that they needed to cast directly into the wind and weren’t hitting the targeted area the fish were holding. I brought Josie up front with me for  bit and coached her on how to cast into the wind. On one of my casts I was hammered and hooked into a really good one. I tried to pass her off the rod but pressure was lost and so was the fish when it jumped. She now understood and began making better casts. She did well but I don’t think the distance was far enough. I was already shallow and in big waves with the boat and couldn’t get her any further. We moved around a bit and a few fish were missed on the strikes by everyone as well as a couple of snags that had us all excited! The shallow bite that should have been the right choice wasn’t working as well as I had anticipated and I decided to relocate and try somewhat deeper. Everyone was going to drop shot and I set up four other rods to try and get them into some fish. We drifted along a 15 to 20 foot break close to the channel that I had done well earlier in the week and crossed our fingers. A few fish were hooked into but all came off before they could get them up. The bites were very light and few & far between, but the fish were there! Eventually after another move to the outside of a weed line, Kim hooked into a couple more and just like the others, came off before they reached the boat. Luck was definitely not on our side! Josie changed all that shortly after with a fish that did stay pinned though and brought a long, skinny pike to the net. She was excited to have caught it all on her own and made her dad aware that it was bigger than his fish earlier. We shot a bunch of pics ad released it back to fight again. Unfortunately this was to be the last fish of the day but not the last one hooked. They just kept getting off their lines! With dark skies approaching and a light sprinkle starting, we packed up and headed back. It was nearing noon and we would have a nasty run back to the boat ramp. Once I rounded the channel and was heading back to the dock we were getting hit with three to 4 footers at a 45 degree angle to the bow. It felt like being back on the Detroit River in that damn washing machine of a river. It was horrible! Fortunately it didn’t last too long and I was able to roll with a few of the waves instead of pounding them. We arrived safe & sound and barely wet from the spray! Although it wasn’t the day I had hoped for, at least we made it out. Not too many fish were landed but there were quite a few chances that could have made for a great day. Under the circumstances, it turned out alright and I know once the wind & weather change, it will be right back to normal. Better days ahead!!