A previous cancellation for today opened up the door for Yousef & his family. Although the weather forecast wasn’t looking good, the radar showed something different. I should be a meteorologist because even I can read it correct! We hooked up for a half day and started a little later than I usually do. We were to meet at 9:30 and hopefully fish in the best conditions. Yousef had brought his 3 year old son and his father today. This was the 2nd day in a row for bookings that I actually had 3 generations in the boat at the same time! I wasn’t sure how the fishing would be as this was also the third day on a row with strong NE winds. It wasn’t so much the direction as the amount of floating grass like weeds that were the problem. The lines were no sooner in the water and I had to clean the rods and lures from all this mess. It was a continuous rotation! After what seemed like an eternity and only 3 fish to show for our efforts, I gave up and went somewhere else. Although there were plenty of fish to be caught right here, I just couldn’t deal with all the torture! I moved to another area and after about 15 minutes, just left. I hate settling somewhere just because of the conditions! I headed to another area that I hoped would be better and as soon as I arrived on my waypoints, the reels started to sound like they should. We had 5 fish in about as many minutes and were putting a few in the livewell. It had taken us all morning to get just three and this happened! I informed them that this was how it was supposed to be and we just kept hooking up. Numbers of keeper sized walleye were coming aboard along with a few smallies and northerns as well. At one point one of the reels fired and I was sure it was another lunge. I cleared all the other lines and awaited a sighting. This fight was a good one as Yousef battled the weight of his fish. It may not have jumped but several long runs were indicating musky! You could imagine my surprise when I finally saw that it was a northern. I decided to net it with the slightly larger net I carry and even at that, had a difficult time. I had not seen a northern like this since last summer when my wife reeled in her personal best. It’s definitely nice to know that there’s a few of these giants still around! We took several good pics and released her unharmed. Although we reset the lines and did catch a few more fish, nothing was to compare to the GNP (great northern pike). I called it a day just about 3:00 and we headed back to take out. I wish it could have been a better start to the day but at least we finished with a bang and they were taking a few fish home for their dinner tonight. All in all a pretty good day!!