William and his two sons, Peter & Alex were with me this morning for a half day of fishing. We began at 7 and were scheduled to fish until noon, weather permitting. As William wanted smallies, I headed straight to an area that was loaded with plenty of quality ones. On his very first cast, he was locked up and battling a decent starter fish. Never good luck to hook up on your first cast! His kids were also catching some nice ones, with a little help from me of course. Many were missed by setting too soon but there were a good number of bass brought to net for some nice pics too. This went on for several hours until Mother Nature decided to rain on our parade, literally! I was forced to raise the roof and that was it for the casting. We switched gears as they decided staying dry was more important and dropped the lines in for a troll. Not long after they were in the water, one of the rods bent and they had a walleye on the line. They were happy to have it after the last trip this spring when they took three home for their dinner. I hoped we would get more but was limited to the amount of time needed to locate them. Unfortunately it wasn’t going to happen and we headed back to take out. The winds may have started out light from the east but when they switched to the SE and picked up, the bite just died. Despite marking plenty of fish, I was unable to get another reel to fire and they left with only one walleye. I know they will be back again this season and hopefully I will have more than 45 minutes to get them enough walleye for a good meal. These fish are only now starting to settle into their summer patterns and it won’t be long before I’m back on schooling fish again. Better days ahead!