A wicked cold front today had the fish all messed up! Scott, Corey & Obi had planned this trip several weeks back and were looking forward to getting into some easy fishing. Unfortunately, mother nature had other plans for them. This is the first time in my life that I saw a 360 degree change in the wind throughout the day. What had started out from the NE eventually turned clockwise hitting every direction until finally stopping NW. At times it blew pretty good kicking up 2 & 3 footers. The sturgeon weren’t jumping nearly as much as in days past and they weren’t even marking like usual. I hit several areas and covered miles of water searching for schools only to find small groups instead. Despite all of this, a few were still landed. With one storm front after another coming in, we managed to dodge the bullet several times with only a light sprinkle. I made a decision late in the morning to go to a troll and set up for some walleye. This too wasn’t what I was accustomed to and only managed a half dozen of them. I once again covered plenty of water looking for schools and came up empty in the process. Only pike were being caught now as I continued to search for more eyes. As with before I pulled the plug and tried looking for the sturgeon once again. I covered plenty of water in search of these fish and really used the electronics for them. I was marking some, but no concentration again! Later in the afternoon I stopped looking and just went for bass. With rods in hand they began casting various lures and soft plastics and at least got to battle many bronze beauties. Unfortunately this too was short lived when the electric motor started making grinding noises in the foot, causing me to change up one more time. We were going to attempt another troll, but this was cut short when thunder was heard in the distance. We had two different storm cells around us and were lucky to be in the middle, in the sunshine. I could see from afar that the boat ramp area I use was getting pounded with rain. Lucky for us, our arrival was just after it stopped! I spoke to someone that was about to launch his boat and he said that they waited in their van for about 45 minutes during the torrential downpour. Dodged another bullet! We pulled out and all agreed, timing was key! Despite the constant search for fish today, they still managed to scrape up many good ones and definitely had a variety of species landed. Tough conditions and really challenging to say the least!! A camera malfunction today had limited pics, sorry!