After being off the water several days from either cancellations or giant winds, I headed out today regardless. Keith joined me for a half day and we spent the first hour troubleshooting his new sonar. Thankfully I know enough about these Lowrance units to fix him up! I knew that the big NE winds would make things difficult, but made the long run to the fish anyway. The lake had 3 to 4 footers most everywhere and I needed to be right in the heart of the worst to get her done. We trolled for a while and scraped up a few fish here & there but nothing great. Every time he landed a fish, I couldn’t turn around to get back on the area because of the conditions. I was almost forced to drive in a straight line because of these rollers. At one point while Keith was reeling in a fish, the rod became heavy and the line started going out. It seemed that a predator had mistaken the pike for a meal. Sucks being on the bottom of the food chain when you live around musky! This lasted about 5 minutes or so and although we did get a good view, she eventually tired of this and just let go. The pike may have gotten lucky but you wouldn’t have know it by the wounds he had. Strangely enough the fish did swim away, but who knows what will happen next. We regained our composure and set the lines back hoping for a few more eyes for Keith to take home to eat. It was either going to be spaghetti or fresh fish tonight! I wasn’t worried even in these conditions. As luck would have it, he wasn’t eating Italian for supper this evening. With the wind seemingly getting worse, we pulled the plug after both lines landed large eyes. Being overs, we took a few pics and returned them to the ocean. The run back was interesting to say the least but I always feel safe in this Ranger. With the exception of a few little splashes from the spray, we both stayed dry. These deep hulls definitely take the big waves much better than low profile rigs. We may have gotten tossed around while trying to fish today but at least we didn’t get beaten up like the pike. Better days ahead, I hope!!