Stephan, Christine & Dan fished with me today. They were looking forward to catching some walleye and Dan opened it up within the first two minutes. The winds were pretty big and it made for a great drift for all three of them. A little coaching had them hooking fish after fish and everyone was getting in the game. Christine even learned how to pitch the baits in close quarters aiding in her hookups! Eventually after many fish, the bite slowed enough for me to relocate and change to another species. I put the fear of god into them when I showed them the size of these beasts. To make matters worse, I let them watch a video of one of the recent battles. I don’t know if they were more excited or scared to hook into one but they were definitely all nervous! In the next couple of hours they had several chances but kept missing the fish. In the end, Christine was the one that overcame it all and landed an absolute beast. Definitely bragging rights and well deserved. I think I will be seeing them again and soon!