Andrew brought along a bunch today! He had his two sons and another friend of theirs for a successful half day of fishing. The boys were really looking forward to catching and despite another cold front, did just that. The morning air temps fell below 60 degrees and dropped the water temps as well. They were back down to 65 degrees and I knew the bite would be light. In fact, most of the hits while trolling were barely heard. One or two clicks from the reel had me hammering the gas, just like the first week of the season. Fortunately we were able to find many fish and the kids had a blast. There were plenty of small pike and some good walleye caught in the half day out. I think the afternoon would have been the better time as the air temps were beginning to warm the water as the morning passed. We were starting to get more and better quality fish the closer we got to departure time. The three kids were taking turns on the reels and all managed to catch in the double digits today. I wanted to finish with everyone landing one last fish and had two to go when we managed another double. Now that’s the way to end a day! We packed everything up and made our way back to the ramp to take out. By now the water was full of boats and it was like running an obstacle course. As always, the docking was nonexistent and I was forced to land the boat on the cement. It’s great having the keel protector in situations like this. I had the boat on the trailer and out of the water before anyone had even moved. Weekend warriors were out in full bloom once again today! I was actually glad to be off the water and not have to contend with all this chaos any more. Half days aren’t so bad on the weekends! I think Drew & the gang will remember today with all the fish they landed. They might even be able to apply some of the techniques we used when they return back home. Definitely a successful half day of fishing!!