I had the pleasure of fishing with Jason & Garon today, all the way from Texas. They had flown in a couple of people for the Grand Prix and had some time to spare. Of course being fishermen, they wanted to fish! We headed on the lake at 7:30 in yet another cold front and strong NE winds. Although they were suppose to diminish by mid day, they were pretty big right now. We trolled in 59 degree water and 2 to 3 footers for the start and I really had to work at getting bit. Amazingly enough, the first fish to hit turned out to be a musky and although not in season, still fun to catch. We did manage to get into a bunch of pike & a few walleye and things were looking up. I wasn’t really use to picking at them one at a time and was surprised that we weren’t into more doubles. Both Jason & Garon were still happy to see this many fish but I knew it would change. As the winds subsided the bite began to pick up. Now we were hitting fish regularly and the numbers started to climb. The size also increased and it seemed like there were more overs than legal keepers being caught. Right about the time the winds completely died, the “Dog Pecker Knats” arrived. Careful what you wish for! These guys were really getting the hang of everything, allowing me to remain at the wheel and on fish. About all I had to do was net the Walters and release the northerns. With the flat water and sunshine warming everything, the fish were now acting like they should. We had reels firing with plenty of doubles and an occasional triple every now & then. Action was nonstop and there was very little down time! We barely had a chance to eat lunch and even that was quite a bit later than I was use to. During our sandwich break both Jason and Garon witnessed a fish go airborne right behind the boat. Immediately after, the long line started screaming and they were into another big fish. I hadn’t seen the original jump but apparently it cleared the water completely and was now attached to one of the lures. Moments later we were looking at another lunge. This one was a juvenile and very silver in appearance. I saw that it was barely hooked and released it quickly, beside the boat. These guys were planning on taking a few fish back to Texas with them and kept some walleye for a friendly fish fry. Only problem was that they had no means to clean or store the fish as they were staying in a hotel. Problem solved! They would come back to my place and we’d take care of everything there. We fished till almost 4:00 and ended the day with another double header. Perfect ending to an incredible fishing day! I also gave them the option to eat fresh walleye on the BBQ and they gladly accepted. Fresh fish and a few cold beer, how could it get any better? We had a relaxing dinner of “Blackened Cajun Walleye” and they even got to take some fillets home. I’m pretty sure when they decided to fish in Montreal that they never imagined it would turn out like this. Talk of a return trip is already in the making for summertime sturgeon and of course more of those tasty Walters. I’m looking forward to having them back for more incredible action! Great day all around!!