Although it’s been a while since the last report, I have been on the water pretty much every day. Nothing really to report as the fishing continues to be excellent. High number days with plenty of quality fish being caught on every outing. Today’s trip however wasn’t exactly what I was use to! With yesterday being 85 degrees the overnight cold front brought air temps into the low 50’s along with a cold NE wind. This really shut them down! It was a tough bite in the morning as we searched for pike & walleye with limited success. We moved around several times to get the few bites we had. By mid morning under the sunshine, I decided to move shallow and search for the bass. It remained rough going for a while but eventually everything warmed up and the fish became more active. Although not great, the three guys I had were catching some but missing a bunch. Hanny managed to get several smallies and a decent largemouth bass from the same area before we moved on again. Regardless that it was the first day of the bass season, I headed back for the pike & walleye one more time. We hit one of the same areas we had started in and it was totally opposite. Now the fish wanted to feed and there were plenty of reels firing for the remainder of the day. Both walleye & pike were eating and I stayed here just covering water. Carlo & his buddies were excited about today but it wasn’t as easy as usual. Thankfully by afternoon that had all changed and they were eating like they should! Although not the numbers I had hoped for, we salvaged the day with many afternoon fish and ended on a high. Hopefully the next time they get out with me, it will began like it ended. Tough day but better fishing ahead!!