Michel & I hit the water at the crack of 10:00 this morning looking for some eyes. No sense starting too early when the nights are as cold as they are. By focusing on the warmest part of the day, we hoped on monopolizing on the bite. It proved to work out pretty well as both pike & walleye were on the feed and the water was on the rise. He hooked into some quality walleye, but not the ones he was hoping on leaving with. There were more overs landed today than keepers and although nice to catch, didn’t put meat on the table. I probably could have gotten him into close to 100 pike as well, but after pounding on them for quite a while, decided to relocate to another area. Each move had its benefits as we got into fresh fish every time we changed spots. Water temps were ranging between 52 degrees in the morning to just over 60 degrees by afternoon. The water temp increase had the fish active and many more came in the boat with the rise. We spent a total of 6 hours on the water and caught plenty of fish throughout the day. Despite Michel’s track record for some of the shittiest days spent weather wise, today more than made up for them. It was picture perfect with no wind, sunshine and a pleasant 70 plus degree air. Even with all the big fish landed, he still managed to leave with a few fish for the dinner table. Hopefully the next time he wets a line, the weather will cooperate once more and the fishing will be equally as good. All I know is better fishing is ahead and I’ll be pounding on them each & every time I’m out!