Reda was back with me again this morning for another shot at some pike & eyes. They had tried to get out a few days earlier but the conditions weren’t in their favor causing us to reschedule. Although this morning wasn’t much better, it seemed doable as we headed out on the water. With overcast skies and barely 50 degree air temps the strong north wind felt even colder. I decided to remain on the sheltered side to start but after only a hand full of fish in the first hour, opted for a move. I had waited just long enough for the sun to arrive and the winds to calm. I knew it wouldn’t last as we were expecting a direction change and took advantage before the switch. They were suppose to blow strong from the NW late in the morning but for the moment, they were down. The next area also saw water temps low as I began the troll in an area of 53 degrees. Smaller pike were being taken by everyone as I searched for warmer waters ahead! At best, all I could find was 57 degrees and several more fish were taken. In fact, Reda managed to get a really good walleye right after his father landed a pike, bringing our hopes up for more. Well more was just what we got as a combination of fish were brought to the boat right into the afternoon. By 2:00 we were in the thick of things and the winds were now blowing 15 to 20 knots with gusts up to 35 from the NW. Although we were somewhat sheltered, I knew we would eventually have to return to the ramp. We would be remaining here for the balance of our fishing day! We all wanted to be back by 4:00 so shortly after 3:30 I began getting things ready for the long run. I made sure all lures were returned to their appropriate places and secured everything else. Lock & load! The waves were 3’s & 4’s pretty much the entire way back with an occasional 5 foot rogue thrown in just for laughs. The direction didn’t allow me to head straight back and caused me to tack like a sailboat several times. These things were at a 45 degree angle to the bow and quite uncomfortable to travel in. By running the crests and troughs I was able to keep everyone dry and didn’t get pounded. It definitely felt more like an ocean rather than a lake. Maybe Lake Ontario! After having bass boats for many years, I’d never trade this Ranger in for another. The safety & comfort can’t be beat! Plenty of fish were caught today and nobody got hurt! I consider this a great day!!