A well deserved vacation to Cuba was where we were last week! Christiane & I spent 7 perfect days in absolute sunshine, without the cold. Average daytime temps were in the 90’s and the breeze was warm, for a change! Cervasa’s, Mohito’s and relaxation were on the list and I threw in a little fishing just for a change. By trolling from a Catamaran I was able to land a Bull Shark, small Tuna (bonito) and several barracuda. With Ernel doing most of the work sailing, I just fished! He had a better understanding of the area than most and actually used his phone as a GPS. With several waypoints already entered from previous trips he was able to return to certain areas for specific species. I’d have to say that his best one was a shoal 6 km offshore holding plenty of barracuda. This is where we had the most hookups and some of the best fishing. Unfortunately all good things must come to an end and I’m now back home in the deep cold once again. Reality sucks! With the boat in the driveway, I’m ready for the season opener for pike on May 1st. I’ll be jumping between local waters and distant ones for trout & salmon in the next few weeks. Regardless of this cold, the fishing should be hot. Plenty of days still available for anyone looking to wet a line and start their new season off with a bang. Call or book online for the open dates. Tight Lines to come!!