We were back at it again this morning and Jim and Marie were ready for whatever came our way. We started a little different than yesterday by drop shotting an area looking for bass & walleye. Although we did have a few quick pickups, the fish were rather small and not what I had expected. They caught a couple of small bass & one rather large perch from this spot before we moved along. With an overcast sky upon us I realized that these fish were scattered and not locked on one particular area. We would have to cover water again today! The one thing that was in their favor however, was the nice weather. Jim & Marie have a long track record of hateful conditions that tend to follow them each & every season. Hurricane like winds are the norm but we had only a light chop both days out. Now if we could only find some schooling fish! I hit a bunch of places this morning and they probably caught fish in each & every one, but no real concentration. A combination of both walleye & bass were taken on a variety of bottom baits as we moved along. We had to really slow presentations down to a crawl in order to get the fish to eat. Sometime in the early afternoon we hit the sturgeon area once more and the only fish landed came on Jim’s line again. It didn’t matter though as Marie still had the biggest one caught from yesterday to brag about! I decided to hit multiple areas in search of a couple of bites from each and increased their numbers by doing so. Marie even landed a really nice eye from our first stop this morning, when we returned to check it again. With all this going on I decided to check another area that I hadn’t fished in over a month to see if there were any fish remaining. To my surprise, they both hooked up almost immediately and we had the first double of the day. It was a shame that this occurred so late in the afternoon as this was going to be our last stop! It seemed that I had finally found a concentration and many more hookups were had in the last hour. If every fish had of stayed pinned they could have landed over a dozen quality bass from this one spot. Unfortunately smallies don’t live by our rules and 25% of them came unpinned! When the bites died completely, we pulled the plug and called it a day. Thankfully, not before rallying back from a rather slow start! Although it may not have been what I had hoped for, they still managed to catch plenty of fish in the two days here and the weather held out for a change too. Jim may have landed the biggest bass of the weekend but Marie had him on both walleye & sturgeon. I’m sure her face book cover page will have a new picture showing the proof. You know what they say, "happy wife, happy life"!!