The final day had us trying our hand at some early musky that ended unsuccessful. We had decided to start with them and never even had a rip. Although I did mark several that looked like the real deal, it just wasn’t meant to be. I really didn’t want to waste too much time on these hateful creatures and pulled the plug to pursue easier prey. We were off to get Andrew a big sturgeon and hoped for a quick bite. Fast wasn’t in the cards but big was as he battled yet another giant. He had two back to back that nearly took him out from the fight. I thoroughly enjoyed the pain as I wasn’t on the receiving end of it! His dad got in the game a little later with a couple of his own and we were up to four landed by early afternoon. Several misses later Howard latched on to probably the largest one this season. The fight was a long battle as this fish just didn’t want to leave the bottom. When we finally caught sight, we could all see why. I don’t really know just how big it was but only the head would fit in the net when I tried to land the beast. Twice I had her and both times she escaped and went right back down. Eventually the line just popped from too much pressure and she was gone for good. I think we were all a little heartbroken when this happened as it took a while to get over the loss. I don’t even want to estimate its weight but I know it was up there. We went back to sturgeon fishing for about another hour without any takes and decided to pull the plug on it all together. Anything hooked would have just been disappointing after that loss anyway! We spent the last hour or so trolling up a few walleye & pike before calling it a final day. In three days of fishing they had battled a number of big fish and managed several personal bests along the way. As with all good fish stories this one was about the one that got away! I’m sure we’ll all remember that one as it felt like a scene out of "Jaws". Next time I’ll have a bigger net!!