I was back out again this morning with Danial & James, hoping for a repeat of yesterdays success. We met up at 7:30 and it didn’t take long before they were fishing. The weather was great at the start with sunshine and light winds and the air temps were already 70 degrees. With conditions like these, the water would definitely warm up during the day! It had been fluctuating between 62 & 67 degrees and the fish were lethargic because of this. I set the lines and began trolling a deeper shoal in hopes of a quick bite or two and wasn’t disappointed. Almost on cue, one of the reels went off and a keeper sized walleye soon came to net. As they weren’t taking anything back with them, it was quickly released after. The next reel to fire was from a healthy northern about 6 pounds and things were looking up. A few more of each species and a roaming smallie later and we were relocating. I wanted to see if they could catch some larger eyes and knew just the place. we weren’t there 5 minutes when James was tight to a really good fish and I knew he had quality. It felt just like dead weight with a head shake every now & then. It was an over and went almost 24 inches in the net! Definitely one I was looking for and I hoped there would be more. Danial had the next rod and when it screamed I knew it too was big! He was into another one just like the first and a personal best as well. Several quick pics and back she went unharmed. When things slowed I moved again and now they were getting pike from this new area. Although not big, still fun to catch for them and the day was looking up. We kept moving to different areas each time it slowed and by doing so, were able to monopolize on the active fish. From deep to shallow, we got bit everywhere! Late in the afternoon after catching plenty of fish, I decided to try an area that had been putting out some real quality walleye hoping for a couple of giants. this time however I had them fishing spinning tackle and holding their rods to feel the bites. In the last couple of hours of the day, they managed to catch many more keeper sized walleye and a few overs as well. James had the best luck as he landed one over 25 inches and a small musky about 37 inches. We held out for that last bite just long enough for James to capture his first ever lunge making today their best fishing day ever. I think their expectations were surpassed early in the morning and by the end of the day, tenfold! Neither one of them could have ever dreamed of a day like this and I’m glad they got to experience just what our waters have to offer. They literally had all kinds of personal bests today and caught plenty of fish in between. Days like these don’t always occur but when the conditions are just right, they happen often. Hats off to "Mother Nature" for not always being cruel. Today was surely a day to remember and both of them won’t be forgetting it anytime soon!!