This morning saw a good chop on the lake to start the day, from the SW. It was blowing about 15 knots and I was looking forward to getting everyone back on the fish again. With air temps to reach the 80’s by afternoon I hoped for a quicker bite in the cooler morning air. I wasn’t disappointed as Junior claimed fame to the first official walleye of the day, almost instantly. He was back and ready to kick some butt! We had began over deeper shoals and everyone had an equal shot at the fish with the lures provided. Today however, Junior had picked an outside spot and his dad was in the middle. Things would definitely be different this time around! We spent the first hour or so covering the zone meticulously and they managed to put 6 walleye in the boat to take home. Our next move was a distant one and it started almost as soon as the lines were in the water. All three of them were into walleye here with a few incidental catches as well. I covered the shoals thoroughly in order to monopolize on the feeding fish. A slight move after this area went cold, had them tight lined once more and everyone was talking trash. Although Junior was in the presently in the lead, Rick was right behind. It was still early though and things could definitely change! They caught fish each time we relocated and some areas produced several doubles with the moves. The middle man today wasn’t fending as well as the other two and Junior was happy for his new location. With three guys trolling, the outside two always have a better shot at the fish. Regardless, Dan was still catching and happy for Dan Junior! With the sun at its peak for heat and a lack of wind, it became a scorcher by mid afternoon. Although windless, there were still plenty of waves with all the boat traffic! I still can’t believe sailboats out on windless days and there were plenty of them. Even saw a bunch "sailing" with their motors running! The afternoon was a little slower than the earlier part of the day, but they still managed to catch a bunch more fish to bring up their numbers. Mostly walleye came aboard as I had to leave the pike zone due to all the followers. So many people out on the weekends tend to have that effect when they see you catching! I can’t wait for Monday! We hit one more spot with time running out and Junior added a few more fish to his total. He had come out on top today by only one fish but he had also caught the first one this morning giving him two categories. I believe Rick had big fish of the day with a 6 pound walleye and Dan, had just the middle! We finally pulled the lines after 5:00 and headed back to the ramp. As luck would have it, there was no one blocking it and I was able to pull out in under two minutes. Their two days of fishing had given them really high numbers of fish and some pretty big ones too. On top of that, they were also leaving with some tasty treats as there were walleye going home with them today. All in all a pretty good two days of fishing with loads of laughs and plenty of memories!!