Marie & Jim have a track record for hurricane like conditions and yesterday was an anomaly. The conditions this morning were more like what I was accustomed to as it was just howling! Today would definitely have us changing locations with forecasted winds in excess of 30 knots. There would be no way we would be able to fish the lake and opted for another location. We needed some sort of shelter and I knew just the place. With many islands to block some of the wind, the waves wouldn’t be too bad. We began the day trying for muskie, but unfortunately it wasn’t to be. A couple of hours trolling for those hateful creatures was all I could stand before pulling the plug. Off we went for some bass and after some nice ones, it happened! Marie had managed to hook into what we were looking for earlier and landed a small muskie. Although not the size we were previously targeting, it was the right species nonetheless! After a few pics we resumed our search for bass and picked some more decent ones from this area. Although we weren’t hammering them, they were catching. I moved around plenty looking for a concentration but never really found one. We hit as many areas as possible, getting bass from almost every one but water temps were still too warm. The fall bite wasn’t happening yet and I shifted gears to drop shotting and deeper water nearby. Many more bass were caught but the average size wasn’t what I wanted and I just kept searching. Eventually I hit one isolated spot and found a concentration. Unfortunately with the winds, it was hard to hold and I spent more time trying to reposition when ever someone hooked up. We were able to pull a bunch from here until the winds just got out of hand. Even in a somewhat sheltered area, we were getting blown around and I continued on in search of more. We never really pounded them today, but still caught fish regardless of these hellish conditions. Despite “Mother Natures” howl, we were lucky as the forecasted rains never really hit. We had all prepared for the worst and only gotten the winds. I think we ended up fortunate as it could have poured on us all day long. Overall, a decent day to say the least!!