Weis & Hadia were with me today on one of the biggest howls of this season. Winds were so bad at the start that I gave them the option to cancel. Three to four footers from the west were what we launched in and I realized quickly that I would have to run them differently. By taking a sailors approach, I was able to keep the boat safe & dry. Tacking was the only way to get to where we wanted to go and I took the time to get there! Once we arrived, I got to work explaining the technique required for how they would be fishing. Drop shotting was on the list and a beginners approach was what they needed. Hadia hadn’t fished much before so a little more detail was needed for her. Weis had been with me before, so he didn’t need much before they got started. I wasn’t surprised to see that she was the first to boat a bass and we were on the board. In the next few hours, both of them managed to land several good fish up to 4 pounds. Although the winds were terrible for the run, they were quite acceptable where we were fishing. Drifts were rough but completely doable! Eventually we moved to another area and switched it up completely to shallower casting. It was here that they got into some great action on soft plastics and Weis managed to land his first sturgeon also. With winds beginning to lay down some, we decided to try the deep bite again and weren’t disappointed. They quickly went right back where they had left off and more bass were coming aboard. Even a couple of small walleye were taken before we called it a day. The ride back was so much better than the start as the winds had diminished considerably. Overall it was a great day with high numbers of fish landed. Hadia had caught plenty of fish to catch the bug and Weis was glad she enjoyed the day. Something tells me that this won’t be the last time I see her!!