Cliff had planned a friend’s bachelor party and a half day of fishing was geared for the start of today. We met up at 8:00 and hit the water in search of some walleye. The water was flat calm and with the sun, would trigger plenty of those pesky, little bugs. We took advantage of the lower light and caught several walleye & pike in the first couple of hours before heading for bass. At least they had a few in the livewell for a later meal! The flat calm conditions were like the kiss of death as absolutely nothing was moving! We hoped the bass would react differently and ran to another area to give it a try. It was here that we had more action and the guest of honor locked up on several nice ones. The others were having a hard time getting the hooks to the bass and unfortunately missed all of their chances. We covered plenty of shallow water but only managed to land a handful of bass in the process. With time not being on our side, I decided to head back & try for a few more walleye. I had hoped that the sunshine would have moved the fish to cover, making them easier to target. Well we didn’t hammer them, but we did pick up a few more along with some pike and bass. They had additional plans for the afternoon and called it a day. At least they were able to fish for part of it and get into some decent fish in the process. Although the morning was fun, I’m sure their second half of the day will be even more enjoyable!!