Christiane was with me this morning along with a friend of ours, for several hours of walleye fishing. We were trying to catch a few for a meal this evening. Shouldn’t be a problem after yesterday’s “Fiesta Bowl”! Doug had fished with me before so he knew the drill and got right into the game. It was almost immediately after we set the lines that the first reel went off and we had a meal come aboard. At least one person would be eating well tonight! The flat water created a problem again this morning with tons of floaters and those damn bugs! I wasn’t even able to fish some of the areas I wanted, due to the jungle on the surface. Without a proper wind to flush the weeds down & out, they just linger forever. We had only gotten on the lake after 9:00 this morning and planned on fishing until about 2:00 this afternoon. Short time to feed four people but I wasn’t worried! Back to the task at hand and after zig zagging through the floaters, another reel fired. A second one also went off and it was time for a double header! Unfortunately one was a northern and not welcomed in the boat. We did however have one walleye to join the other and things were looking up. Although we never really crushed them while we were out, we did pick at them pretty good. By the time we were finished, we must have caught at least a dozen and a half and plenty were big once again. The walleye fishing has been spectacular lately and should only get better with the cooling water temps coming soon. The fish will be easier to locate as groups will become schools and they will be thick. Although I’m not rushing the fall, it will make for less boat traffic on the waters and that’s always a good thing. Plenty of weed choppers on the lake today too!! The second day saw just Christiane & I fishing and it was a carbon copy of yesterday for weather. Hot, flat and humid! We hit the lake around 10:00 and trolled most of the time for muskie. What a pain in the butt they are! No eating hateful creatures that they can be, we targeted them for almost 3 hours for nada. Eventually I just pulled the plug and cut our losses before I had to be committed! I needed to hear the reels go so I switched up the rods to the walleye gear and within 3 minutes was hearing that sweet sound again. I love it when fish cooperate! Too bad it was a northern about 7 pounds, but at least it was a fish. There would be no skunk in the boat today! The next reel to go off had a walleye over 6 pounds and I wondered why I had wasted three hours on those other hateful things. Oh yeah, we did catch a northern about 5 pounds while trolling for the muskie, but definitely over matched for the tackle! A short while later we caught another 3 pound walleye, a few rather large perch, then called it a day. We were heading off the lake as the bugs, flat calm conditions with high heat & humidity and weeds just weren’t worth it. If it’s not enjoyable, why do it! I had enough of this torture and was happy to exit on a high note after the painful morning troll for lunge. I was even happier to get in the truck where the bugs weren’t and the air conditioning was!!