After yesterday’s outing, Hassan, Sam & Dave just had to sample it for themselves. They had all hooked up for dinner Saturday night and the talk of fishing was just too much to handle. Today was their turn to “Rip Some Lips”! We got on the water shortly after 9:00 and proceeded directly to an area to drop shot. Within minutes, they were locked up and well on their way to many more throughout the day. Water temps were still over 73 degrees and the air temps would be above 80 degrees under sunny skies. Winds were quite light and I knew we would be having a ton of boats on the water, under these conditions. After catching many fish from the deep, we decided to hit a few shallow spots and get into casting for the bass. Unfortunately these ones were on the smaller side and after an hour or so, we were back out in the deep again. Although we had some slow periods, they managed to stay hooked up for most of the day. At one point, Sam locked up on a real giant and the battle was tremendous. I had thoughts of a lunge due to a bite off just the day before but eventually we got a glimpse and knew different. To all our amazement it turned out to be a drum and a first for Sam. He had seen these before but never tangled with one of his own. Several pics were taken and the fish was released immediately afterwards, unharmed. This was to be the highlight of the day, but not before many more smallies were caught. Somewhere around 4:30 we pulled the plug and headed back to take out. It may not have been the easiest of days with all the traffic on the water but we had managed to catch plenty of quality bass anyway. Sam on the other hand will definitely remember the battle he had with his very first drum on the line. Overall a great day to be fishing!!