What do I do on my day off, “Go Fishing” of course! Christiane & I decided to head on the water for a few hours and just pleasure fish today. Despite that it was the weekend; it was too nice a day to stay home. There would be plenty of time to work around the house tomorrow! We got to the lake around 9:00 and proceeded to troll for eyes. Catching them wasn’t an issue and she actually landed a bunch up to 7 pounds. We would keep a couple of smaller ones for dinner and release the rest. After having our fill of Walters, I switched gears and took her bass fishing. This was a picture perfect day for the shallows as wind was non existent. Tossing spinnerbaits got her crushed several times and she even landed one over 5 pounds on the blades. We jumped around all over, all the while catching more big bass on everything we threw. One last stop and a few more bruisers over four pounds and we called it a day. We left on a high when she managed another giant in the 5 pound range. We didn’t know what to expect at the ramp and allowed a little extra time just in case. To our amazement it wasn’t bad at all. I must have missed the chaos as I just slid in and right out immediately after. We were on the road in no time and relaxed from a great day of fishing. We would be having walleye for dinner and looking forward to eating, our “Catch of the Day”. All in all a terrific day on the lake and nobody even got hurt!!