I had a full boat this morning with Jonathan, Carson, Robert & Nate. They were vacationing in the Eastern Townships and wanted to fish. For whatever reason, the winds were blowing hard again this morning and visions of Saturday were back! I tried an alternate route to get out of the rollers and fortunately it wasn’t too painful. We arrived at the first location and were fishing shortly after in deep water. Drop shots were sent down with a little instruction and it wasn’t long before fish were coming aboard. Despite the strong winds and two to three footers where we were, they were biting. Multiple drifts were made and bass from one pound to over four pounds were landed by all. Several doubles were taken in the few hours we did this before we decided to try casting in shallower water. With the winds from the west, I was able to tuck into a sheltered spot with only a light breeze. Soft plastics were thrown here, to entice many a smallie. As in the deep water, fish from one to over 4 pounds were caught. Once they had their fill of this, I offered them a change of pace and a different species. They were hoping to take a few fish home to eat and the walleye were eager to commit suicide. We fished for the remainder of the day for them and landed several as well as a few decent northerns. By the time it was all over, they had enough fish for a couple of meals. We finished the day with a bang and they were taking dinner home with them too! All in all a very productive day of fishing!!