Scott, Chris & Guy joined me this morning for another great day of fishing. We hit the lake shortly after 7:30 under sunshine and light winds. Air temps would reach into the 80’s and the water temps finally went over 70 degrees. At one point I almost had 72 degrees and it finally fired the fish up. We started trolling and had several missed rips before finally connecting with some pike. A couple of them were decent size as usual and mixed in with the walleye too. We were catching a few slot sized walleye and the guys decided to livewell some for dinner. This being Guy’s first time out in probably 20 years, made for some interesting fishing. They were rotating on the rods and it was always fun to watch when it was his turn. Despite the long lapse that he had, he caught on pretty quick and felt right at home with the others. We stuck it out trolling for a while catching a bunch more smaller fish then switched gears completely. Off we went casting for smallies and now I had to re teach Guy all over again. I had them tossing different baits and within a few minutes, had Guy back in the game. Several smaller bass up to 3 pounds were landed and plenty of others lost. We moved around a little bit and saw fish in a bunch of places before I decided to pull the plug again. There were too many boats all around and a few of them just kept coming closer & closer when we hooked up! Dog pecker knats were also out in full swing and I at least needed to get some movement going. Back to trolling we went! I hit all kinds of areas and they caught fish in every one of them. The walleye & pike seemed to be cooperating but not the size I expected. I searched all over for the bigger walleye but only managed 3.5 pounds at best. In one area near the end of the day, it happened again. We had a huge rip on the outside line that just never stopped. This fish probably took out 50 feet of line before the reel went silent. Gone, and I knew what it was! We continued for a little longer with only a few more pike before calling it a day. They had caught plenty of fish today and a Bar B Q walleye dinner was next on the list. Another spectacular day of weather and loads of fish were had. Who could ask for anything more!!