After two postponed attempts, today was the day that Pierre finally got out! He had promised his son, Marc- Andre a fishing trip for his birthday last month and today it would happen. His son had brought along his friend Shawn and they were about to experience a great half day of fishing! Due to my usual boat ramp being closed for festivities today, I was forced to use an alternate one further away. We headed out in a NE wind that put 2 footers on the water and I was glad. Chop is always better than flat calm and I knew we would get them today! Water temps were hovering below 67 degrees and wouldn’t get much better under all the cloud cover we were in. Once again we were able to run a full spread of rods as there were 4 of us on board. Well just like clockwork, I was forced to adjust our location as the fish were non existent once again! This is really getting old, but it definitely makes me think each time I’m on the water. I wonder if summer will ever arrive! In the first hour or more we only had one small walleye and a tiny pike to show for our efforts and then it happened. I had located fish and they were active. In fact, it was in an area that had never produced before! I had slid off some of my waypoints and gone to an unknown section of the lake when one of the reels started to scream. Marc-Andre was to battle a nice walleye that thought it was a bass. This feisty 3 pounder peeled line off the reel and just didn’t want to come in. With the waves and three other rods in the water, I struggled to finally net his prize. As they were hoping to have a few fish for dinner, it went in the livewell after a few quick pics. The next reel to fire soon became a double header with one walleye and one smallmouth. Shawn & Pierre were next up and two more fish were soon landed. I had planned on relocating elsewhere but after this, decided to stay. First rule in fishing, “Never Leave Fish to Find Fish”! We weren’t going anywhere as I expanded on the area that was giving us action. For the next couple of hours we picked at them pretty good. In fact, the fishing was so good that there was very little time between hookups. Strangely enough though, it all shut down abruptly causing me to wonder about something. Sure enough, when the next reel fired and Shawn was up to bat, I had my answer. He tried to reel the fish in but it had other ideas. There was more line going out than coming in. Yuup, another lunge! Without really knowing just how big it was, I had to laugh at the little guy while he struggled with this beast. Pierre finally took over when he couldn’t hold on any longer and even he had a tough time. As it came close to the boat, she took to the air and gave us a picture perfect view of jaws! I didn’t think it would end well but eventually had her in the boat. Not to over stress the beast out any more than she already was, we shot the pics quickly. I had her back in the water in under a minute and it didn’t take long before she left me with a nice face wash. I didn’t mind at all as she was no worse for wear! I think they will all remember this for quite some time and have great pictures to view as well. I regrouped after all this chaos and finally had the lines back in the water. Not knowing if anything still remained, I attempted another troll nonetheless. It wasn’t like before, but we picked up a few more walleye in the next hour or so. By now the kids were getting a little bit bored and we called it quits after reeling in the biggest walleye of the day. We were finished and I was clearing the lines when I noticed a big bend in one of the rods. Marc-Andre landed his personal best for this trip. For whatever reason, the reel never fired. Instead this 25 inch walleye just swam along with the lure in its mouth until we reeled her in. This would be the freebee of the day, but not really all that uncommon. Many times on previous outings, I have found some of the biggest walleye attached to lures without a sound. We finished pulling the lines and I readied the boat for the nasty run back. By now it was cruiser central and the waves were from every direction. We already had a two foot roll on the water from the NE winds and now we had a washing machine like surface to contend with. The kids thoroughly enjoyed some of the roller coaster areas we encountered while Pierre & I just braced ourselves. Fortunately I was able to get the bow up just right and ran back mostly under 30 all the way. Despite the tough start to the day, we rallied afterwards and turned a so-so start into an incredible finish. I know that both these little guys will remember their outing and all the quality fish they landed. Pierre on the other hand, will always remember his fight with freshwater “Jaws”!!