Norbert & his son Nick were with me this morning, both looking for personal bests. Although they had caught walleye before, they were on the small side and hoped for some bigger ones today. Pike were pretty much non existent back home and I knew I could accomplish that, many times over! After picking up their licenses, we hit the water in a heavy fog. Visibility was alright, but the fog was all over and we had to be careful while running. This proved to be in our favor as we never saw a boat all day! Seeing as this was a long weekend, it was a pleasant surprise. We set the lines and trolled the area for a little while before the first reel fired. Nick was into a nice northern and glad to catch his first ever pike. His dad had botched up a net job when he was younger! Quick pics and back for more as another reel fired with a good fish. This one was a nice walleye and talk of fillets was on their mind. Into the livewell this 18 incher went and back to trolling we did as well. By now they were elated as Nick had managed to fulfill his wish with these two fish. All that was left was a smallie and we had two days to get him that! Not long after we reset the lines, another reel fired and I could tell by the fight that he had a good walleye. When I finally caught a glimpse near the boat, I realized that this would be his trophy! Anyone that says walleye don’t fight, have never experienced these ones. This fish made multiple runs and ripped plenty of line from the reel in an attempt to escape, but eventually ended up in the net. They were both excited to see how big it was and once measured, went just under 27 inches. On the boga it was almost 7 pounds and many pics were taken before it was released. Wow, how could you top that! Well we did as plenty more big fish were caught throughout the day including a northern over 8 pounds, four walleye between 5 & 6 pounds and multiple others as well. We even had a rally late in the afternoon that saw a triple header of walleye! Who could ask for anything more with all the fish they landed throughout the day. It was a banner one with very little down time and nobody else around to get in our way. By 3:30 we decided to pull the plug as I had several fish to fillet and we were going to eat a few of them for dinner. Blackened Cajun Walleye was on the menu & they couldn’t wait!