Welcome to another year of great fishing! Trout & salmon will be the first targeted species on lakes like Memphremagog & Massawippi in the Eastern Townships. Fly rod trolling and long lines off of planer boards will be the most used presentations for these aggressive biters. Downriggers set fairly shallow will also be used to take numbers of lake trout and occasional browns & bows. If the winter was any indication of water levels this spring, it’ll be high and cold for the start. Perfect conditions when searching for these cold water fish! Pike & Walleye will be the next season to open in Mid May and it should also be great. Higher water levels to start will surely aid in the post spawn feeding. Numbers of 50 fish days will surely be the norm with many outings even exceeding. All day action can be had as the fish are on the feed! The final species of bass & muskie opens mid June, completing this “Multi Species” group! From this point on, many days will see 3 or even 4 of these warm water fish being caught. Although bookings have begun for all these fish groups, there are still plenty of available openings. For anyone interested in experiencing some of the best fishing around, feel free to contact me for dates remaining. I look forward to hearing from past and new customers alike and can’t wait to get started fishing, another phenomenal season!