Peter & his wife Lynn were accompanying me today on a local lake for some smallmouth bass action. We hooked up around 8:00 and were headed to the first spot shortly after. It was a strange morning as overnight fog blanketed the lake and GPS was a necessity. Air temps were warm at the start and made their way into the 60’s by afternoon. Winds were light, but eventually went to a gusting blow from the SW at 15 to 20 knots, creating a nice roll. Peter began with a second cast hookup on a spinnerbait and it was game on. Glad he didn’t get one on his first cast, it’s bad luck! Lynn wasn’t having much luck, as she missed her first three fish on a jerkbait and was still at zero when I decided to switch locations. We had covered this place pretty good and only had a handful of biters eager to try. The second section of this lake was where everything changed. Lynn was about to take a commanding lead as she boated several decent smallies and all on jerkbaits. A new love for this lure was immediately made and she was the first at having pics taken. In fact her first three fish were photo worthy! Eventually, Peter had just about enough, after she landed a couple more and agreed to toss another jerkbait as well. It was all uphill after that as he too, started to lock up on some quality bass. Now both of them were equally catching and fish of all sizes were coming aboard. He even had a few that were photo worthy and got into the “Kodak Moment”! I mixed it up a little and shifted around with a variety of lures when the action slowed and they managed to add to the numbers. A soft jerkbait was getting a few of the not so eager ones to bite and even a senko picked up one for Lynn. I was amazed to see the water temps had risen but wasn’t totally surprised with all the sunshine we were having. It was now at almost 58 degrees and going in the wrong direction. It’s fall and that means falling water temps with the falling air. This has been one unbelievable year for hot weather and it doesn’t seem like it’s gonna end anytime soon! We kept at it for a while and a few more decent bass came to net before we just threw in the towel. Another change to drop shotting an area was cancelled as two boats were just too close to settle in. Plan B had to take over and I went to an area I hadn’t fished in quite a while. Water levels had risen and we now had enough water to be able to get out to this place. Unfortunately, only a couple of bass were taken but I’m sure there must have been more. We relocated to another area nearby but it too was a bust. With skies looking like they might dump on us soon and the winds really starting to kick up, we decided to call it a day. Darkening clouds were all around and it was just a matter of time before we were gonna get wet. The run back was a little bumpy at times and I’m sure we ran through several 3 foot waves to get there. Although this was the first time out for Lynn and her husband Peter, I’m sure it won’t be their last. They may have waited a few years to hook up but it was worth it. They had both seen what fall smallmouth fishing is all about and landed a bunch in the process. Who could ask for anything more!!