Today may have been a great day to fly a kite but it was a tough one for fishing. The winds were howling at 15 to 25 knots with much higher gusts! They were suppose to be coming from the W/SW but from where I was, it seemed more like a W/NW. White caps were all around and boat control was about to become a real challenge. Stephane was back with me this morning and he picked another beauty of a day. Three weeks ago he had managed to get a high wind day but also heavy rain as an added bonus. At least today wouldn’t be wet, we hoped! I instructed him on how to work a drop shot set up with a fish cooperating on the demonstration cast. This is a common outcome while showing people what to do! He was soon into the first of many fish within the first few casts as well and loving it. Although they may not have been the caliber I wanted, he was well on his way to getting them. This area produced a pile of fish in the first hour or so before we slid into the next hole and started all over again. With each relocation, there were more fish hooked and landed as well as missed or lost. The winds were not making my life easy with boat control and I had to pay close attention to how we were positioned in order for him to get hit. In fact, several of the better areas were absolutely impossible to fish, despite out attempts at trying. We were going to have to settle for the ones that weren’t too bad and I wasn’t thrilled with the results. Eventually after a mediocre morning filled with smaller than normal fish, I bit the bullet and headed into the blow. I fired up the kicker and used it along with the electric to better my boat control in the heavy winds. It was here that Stephane managed to land several of the better fish for the day and things were looking up. We held on a rock reef in 30 knot winds as long as we could stand it before pulling the plug and heading to what I thought would be a lot calmer. The run to get there was a little rough but once we arrived I soon found out the winds were almost as bad. There were also white caps here and it felt like the winds were from a different direction once more. I guess I wasn’t the only one that thought this as there were 4 other boats fishing close by too! Gotta love the weekend traffic, even at this time of the year! We fished here for a while and adjusted our presentations to pick up several other fish before leaving to find greener pastures once again. Back out in the open water, we ran through huge waves to hit one final spot for the day. A long drift along an edge with the drop shot fished vertically had just a couple of hits and we pulled the plug for the day. Stephane had managed to catch a load of fish and was happy with the outcome, but I had wished there were more large ones in the mix. Either way, we had succeeded on what was definitely one of the worst days to be in open water. Hopefully there won’t be too many more of these, for the remainder of the season. I can handle high winds, cold & rain but hurricane like conditions are not the easiest to fish in. This was just one of those days!!