I had a full boat this morning with Stephane, Martin & Yanik on board. This was the first time they had fished with me and I knew it would be tough. We began the day under heavy overcast skies and a howling wind out of the east. We would definitely be limited to the number of spots we could fish! I started in an area that was somewhat sheltered from the waves and put them on fish almost immediately. Martin was the first to lock up with a slowly dragged senko and the others began to get excited. They now knew that there were fish here and wanted some of their own! With Yanik on a spinnerbait & Steph on a tube, I had all the bases covered. I think Yanik had a couple of hits but they proved to be misses when he came in empty handed. Stephane on the other hand started to take advantage to this area by slowly picking up a couple of big ones. He did miss a few but overall landed around 5 before the bite dwindled with the increase of the wind. Another boat was within sight and not doing anything where they were, so I guess they thought it was alright to come over and anchor right where we were catching. Even in some of the worst conditions, people have no etiquette! Another move was in order now so we left this place and moved on. It was a rough ride but I knew I needed to try other places before the weather got any worse. It was here that Yanik finally managed to land a fish of his own, while still on the spinnerbait. Right after Steph missed something on the tube, he brought a nice 3 pound walleye to the net. Looks like someone has fish on the menu tonight! Unfortunately, this was the only one they caught here but not for lack of trying. I had switched Martin over to a tube as well due to the increasing winds, just so he could keep the bait on bottom. I knew there had to be more fish within this place but they were having a hard time just controlling their baits and switched gears completely. We spent the next hour or so trolling another section, just so they could relax for a while. This was difficult at best as several waves were coming over the bow in certain areas and I really had to pay attention. By now we were fishing 2 to 4 footers depending on where we trolled. It became evident that this was going to be a fight we couldn’t win! I knew we were in trouble when the high winds added rain to the mix and it became down right nasty. Miserable conditions just got worse and now the cold started to set in. The rain was going through what they were wearing and it was no longer fun. With their request, I headed back to where we had started and tried for a few more bites. I noticed that the water had gotten dirtier and the waves a little bigger here and knew it wasn’t going to be easy. Within 20 minutes they decided to pull the plug on this day. All three were wet and starting to get cold, so we headed back to the ramp. It wasn’t a nice run back as the waves grew along the way. It actually felt more like Lake Ontario than the lake were on and I too was glad it was over. Mother Nature has a way of turning a so, so day into one of pain and punishment sometimes. This was one of those days! Fortunately they had managed to catch before the conditions worsened and had at least some enjoyment while fishing today. Hopefully the next time out will prove to be a better experience!!