Jim & Marie were back this year and looking forward to fishing, once again. Although I had been concentrating locally on water closer to home, today I would have to travel to another lake due to the winds. They were to blow 20 knots with stronger gusts from the west and I knew it would be tough. A quick drive had us launching in flatter water and the areas to be fished definitely looked doable! Today was a complete change from yesterday, with the weather dropping into the 50’s overnight. High heat & humidity had air temps in the low 80’s before but a cold front had severely reduced them today. The big question was would they bite? With the changes so drastic, I decided to attempt trolling for the bulk of the morning. Unfortunately this proved to be unsuccessful and we eventually pulled the plug sometime around mid day. It was time to put some fish in the boat and I knew just the place. We made another run and I set up the drop shot rods, instructing them on what to do. They had done this before and knew what was involved, making it a whole lot easier. It took a while to locate exactly what I was looking for, but when I did, rods became bent! I think it was Marie that drew first blood with a decent three pounder and we were glad to see it. This started the ball rolling and although it wasn’t fast & furious, we did pick at them for quite a while. I made multiple drifts over the area and they hooked into fish on just about every one. Most of the bass were larger than the first but there were a few smaller ones as well. I think we had 3 that were in the high 4’s and possibly one around 5 by the time we pulled the plug here and relocated. The next area didn’t produce the size but several quick bites were had immediately after we arrived. Just like the previous spot, we drifted over the edge and picked at them on each pass. Time was getting on now and after another unsuccessful spot, we decided to call it and headed back to take out. The first day of the cold front hadn’t shut us out but they did have to work for each bite they had. I’m sure if I had of concentrated entirely on the bass, they would have had plenty more action. The first 4 hours of the day hadn’t yielded a single bite and this really cut into our production. Fortunately we had come back in the afternoon and salvaged the day. Hopefully I’ll be able to get back on local waters tomorrow and they’ll tangle with many more smallies. It’s all up to “Mother Nature”!!