After a phenomenal day on the lake yesterday, refining more new water, I was back out today with Armin & Aerie. Although the conditions weren’t the same, I was sure we would have similar success. Due to the July 1st festivities at my usual boat ramp, I was forced to launch elsewhere with its closure. I had found another area closer to major boat traffic and had no alternative but to bite the bullet and use their site. The morning launch was great as most people weren’t on the lake yet but what would the afternoon return be like? We hooked up around 8:30 and headed to an area where we were to troll. Flat calm conditions were blessed with floating weeds everywhere as I set the lines. Weekend boat traffic is always the cause when people don’t know the lake. They race their boats through shallow weedy areas and become lawn mowers! I had thought we would get into them pretty good but was surprised to find that it was a grind. I was getting more short strikes than actual hits and wasn’t sure why. At one point a reel screamed so much that I knew why, lunge attack! It leaped behind the boat and proceeded to rip more line from the reel before I managed to finally lip grip it with the boga. It may not have been a large fish but they were excited to have landed their very first muskie. After this incident, we began hooking up a little better and now they were actually landing several fish. Bass, pike and small walleye were coming aboard and all was good! My biggest problem was trying to keep the lines clean as the floaters were just insane. Every couple of minutes I was forced to bring the lines in and clear grass from the lures. Even with the rod tips in, they were collecting somewhat. Eventually I just pulled the plug on this area and headed somewhere else where they were to try drop shotting. Seeing as how they had little experience, I instructed them in what to do and soon after they were locking up on bass. Although smaller than I wanted, the action was pretty good and we stayed here for a while. We even got to see why there was so much floating vegetation when huge cruisers ran through shallow water behind us. That area was just a giant weed flat and they had no clue it was there. Lucky they didn’t hit the inboard motor as the gravel would still do some damage! The wind started to pick up and I thought we might do a little better trolling so we ran to another spot and gave it a try. Although the floaters were still terrible, the fish were still here as the reels began firing almost immediately. Some pike were getting caught along with a few walleye but not the size I was use to. I wanted them to take one or two home and was working the areas hard in order to get bit. Eventually a nice one just under 20 inches came aboard and now they had dinner. We pulled it in just under the wire as they decided to call it a day around 2:00. By now the lake traffic was at a max and I knew it would be interesting heading back to the new ramp. I was right as I had to dodge sailboats, cruisers and many other smaller vessels through narrow passages just to get back. Wow, I’m sure glad I don’t have to use that ramp too often! Despite the short day on the water, I think they both have a better understanding of the type of fishery we actually have. Hopefully they will return again and refine their abilities even more. Overall, a successful day despite the weeds & long weekend traffic!!