Leonard was with me today and he brought along his two grand sons for the outing as well. Eron & Ryder were in for a real treat as this would be a slamming day once again! We hooked up at 7 and immediately proceeded into a walleye troll. As with most days, it didn’t take long before the first reel fired and Ryder was initiated into the fishing world. Unlike Eron who had been with me a couple of times before, Ryder was a newbie and it was great to see him fighting a nice eye. This was to be the first of many overs for the day and was immediately released after the pics. We were really blessed with the weather, as sunshine and 80 plus degrees were what we had. Along with the warm air temps, the water was at almost 76 degrees as well & this had the fish active. We continued with the troll for a few hours, catching a bunch of nice walleye and several smallmouth before changing the pace. This time we were to cast for bass and it didn’t take more than one, for Leonard to hook up. Although he was here for the kids, he slid a few in and got in the game. Eron was interested in learning how to cast a baitcaster and quickly adapted to the set up within minutes. I love teaching kids new things as they’re usually sponges at that age! I had him throwing a spinnerbait just to get the feel of everything but unfortunately, he had just followers. The senko was the hot ticket here as many bass fell victim to this rig. Along with the bass, several sturgeon were also taken and Eron was excited to be able to fight every last one. We moved around to several other areas and hit bass in each one! It was mostly a senko bite today but tubes also accounted for a bunch of fish too. With a few walleye in the livewell to clean, we decided to head off the lake shortly after three o’clock. The kids had to be somewhere for dinner and they would be bringing it! It sure is nice seeing our future fishermen experiencing the outdoors rather than always playing video games inside. I think everyone should take a kid fishing and initiate them into this sport, as the smiles on their faces are worth more than you can imagine! I know these two will be remembering today for quite some time. Hats off to Leonard for being a “Great Grandfather”!!