Cindy & Alain joined me on the water today for a real multi species day. We headed out around 7:30 and trolled for a while, catching mostly walleye. Although there were a few smallies landed, it was the large walleye we were after! The heat wave was still upon us and the humidity was high making the temps feel a whole lot worse than they actually were. It had been a while since either of them had caught walleye and they were also looking forward to eating a few tonight. The only problem I was having was getting the slot fish to eat. It seemed that the bigger ones wanted to eat as we were releasing fish from 22 to 26 inches. Eventually we managed to get into some of the 18 inchers that I preferred and kept a few for the table. Once we had the fish we needed, I pulled out and headed somewhere else looking for smallies. A series of stops were made in the next few hours and all had fish. They managed to get into plenty of bass on a variety of soft plastics and a few exotics as well. Cindy had a nice sturgeon that battled her like the prehistoric beast it was and she couldn’t believe its strength. Alain landed another cool fish when a drum over 10 pounds ate a tube, fishing for smallies. These two were definitely a bonus and added to the fish total for today. Towards the end of the afternoon, we slid onto a huge flat where the fish were really active. Once we found them, doubles seemed to be the norm! They ended the day on a high as several big smallies were taken in a short time. Obviously the wind had them active and we were glad. Most of the day had been flat calm and a real scorcher. Even the water temps had climbed to almost 77 degrees with this heat. I don’t really know what the final count was but it was high as Cindy & Alain had caught a boat load. They both had a Grand Slam with an exotic species to complete their limit. What a great day on the lake!!