Christiane & I decided to head out mid morning and pleasure fish for a few hours. It was to be another scorcher of a day and the boat traffic would be heavy as well. Once out, we set the lines to troll up a few walleye for dinner and it didn’t take long. Despite the floaters all over the place, we managed to put what we needed for a meal on board and began our search for the bigger ones. Fish up to 26 inches fell victim to our rigs and some nice pics were had. Even a couple of jumbo smallies ate the lures and they too were captured on film. We didn’t want to stay out too long but remained on the water until sometime after 2 o’clock before running back. Although it was to be a rather short one, it was still productive. Not knowing what to expect back at the ramp, we headed in and prayed. To our utter amazement, it was empty. I was on the trailer in less than 2 minutes and we were on our way. I guess we were lucky because more boats were driving in while we were going out. Timing is definitely everything!!