Phillip joined me early this morning and we were looking to fish another half day before the major heat arrived. A 6:30 meet time had us on the water quickly and we were off to the first stop of the day. Water temps were hovering around 70 degrees still and a west 10 put a nice chop on the lake. Cloud cover made the already 75 degree temps bearable at least for the present time. Later in the day however, the 90 plus temps may not feel the same! Phillip had wanted to learn a few techniques and today he would accomplish this. As with yesterday though, he began on a spot throwing spinnerbaits to aggressive smallies. Several mid sized fish hammered the blades and the action was fast & furious for a while. We refined presentations and managed several more fish with tubes & senkos when they refused the blades and bumped up his numbers. Drop shotting would be the next technique and he was about to get a crash course in fishing it. Multiple hits resulted in a few smallies and a couple of walleye and he was convinced of its effectiveness. I worked the area thoroughly before shifting presentations and going tighter to the weeds for more. Now we would be working tubes and hopefully picking up the ones that weren’t on the deep drop. Well as if on cue, they bit! Both walleye and bass were eating the offerings and another crash coarse in refining the area was experienced. In a short period he had learned two new techniques and both of them had resulted in many more fish. I hadn’t fished the next area yet this year and wasn’t quite sure what to expect with the low water levels. A combination of spinner baits and senkos were used to entice more smallies but none of the really big ones were landed. I kept moving, hoping I would stumble onto the mother load of giants but never really found them. We picked at the fish, covering plenty of water before moving once more and going back to the drop shot technique. Although it wasn’t fast & furious, we still managed a few more bites from larger bass and all was good. The air temps had really climbed now and the high sun & humidity made it almost unbearable. Add the dog pecker knats and it was way over the edge. We needed to fish while moving due to the lack of wind and shifted gears to the troll. He had wanted to take a walleye home and I was on a quest! I dropped the lines in and started covering water in search of dinner. First rod to fire had a northern of 5 pounds attached to the bait and so did the second. I moved away from this area but was soon to return when we went a long time between bites. On the way back he did manage to land one walleye around 17 inches and definitely had a meal for two! I still wasn’t satisfied and kept at it despite the fact that we were only to fish half day and reset the lines back in anticipation. The next reel to scream definitely had the winner of the day and he was soon to bring a 24 inch walleye to net. A personal best for him and a quick pick before the release. Back we went and just as before, more reels went off bringing a couple more larger walleye aboard. One was 18 plus and the other was a fat 22.5 incher that got returned. He had only wanted to bring one fish home so the smaller 17 incher went back to the lake as well. We spent a few more minutes catching a couple of other pike and then pulled the plug on this heat wave day. Phillip had accomplished what he had set out to do by learning a few new techniques and was bringing dinner home too. We had also managed to turn a half day into a full one & that was a bonus. Overall, a very productive day on the water!!