Scott, Chris & John were back with me again today, looking for a little redemption. Their last couple of outings were great for the smallies, but not so for those mythical creatures. Would this change today? We hit the water around 8:00 and were fishing not long after in flat calm conditions. The sun was starting to warm the air and things looked good for us, but those hateful beasts had other ideas. After about 90 minutes of washing lures, we switched it up and went to catching. Smallies were now the target and they were about to put a hurt on them! I don’t remember who drew first blood but both John & Chris were tight to a fish almost upon arrival. Chris had been back boated after his previous trips, something about favoritism! This apparently didn’t matter as he was about to put a beating on both the bass and the others in the boat. He had found the small hole behind the boat and repeatedly casted into it, hooking up plenty. While the other two did hook into fish up front, Chris didn’t skip a beat from behind. Eventually they were all holding their own and many fish in the 2 to 4 pound range were being boated. I don’t think anyone managed to land a five today but quality fish were the norm. We skipped around a bit but concentrated on certain areas more than others. Water temps were almost 48.5 degrees and these bass weren’t everywhere. When I found a concentration, I held there long enough for everyone to thin them out. The bite lasted all day and despite the other no eating hateful ones, the smallies were more than eager to take the baits. We fished until about 4:00 and called it soon after for the drive home. It would be dark soon and backing into my driveway after the light sets is always a treat. People just have so much courtesy in them when it comes to blocking their path home! This was one of those days when being on the water was a pleasure and most of the fish actually cooperated. Plenty more just like it, I hope!!