Craig & Herm were here again for a couple of days, looking for more of that great smallie action. The weather looked good, despite the strong winds forecasted and I was sure we would do well. Air temps were barely above freezing when we started and only climbed into the upper 30’s by days end. With the added west winds of 15 to 25 knots, it felt a little cooler to say the least! Water temps were just above 49 degrees and the ticket was slow! Craig managed to hook into the first fish of around three pounds and the game was on. Several casts later, another and Herm wanted his! Eventually both were getting into fish, but it was tough. We had to move around plenty in order to find the active ones and it was still one here and one there. Although some of the fish were over 4 pounds, nothing of five was seen for quite a while. Eventually, Craig managed to bring a short, fat fish to the net that I just had to weigh. It may have only been 19.5 inches but the scale showed that it weighed just over 5 pounds. Talk about a football! We found a couple of areas later in the day that actually held numbers of quality fish and managed to get into them pretty good. Unfortunately, there weren’t any more five pounders taken and they had to settle for the fours instead! With the days getting shorter, we pulled the plug early and headed back to the ramp. Another successful outing with numbers of fish in the four pound range but only one five. Hopefully tomorrow will hold several more!!